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Procedures are identified by descriptions and codes of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, ICD-9-CM procedure codes, ICD-10-PCS codes, HCPCS codes, LMR codes and OnCall codes. Epic classifications are also used.

For consistency and reliability, analytical processes work to bring procedures with synonyms together under a single code and description.

CPT Procedures

  • Others: CPT Category II Codes, Dental Procedures, Emerging Technology
  • CPT Category II codes are supplemental codes used for performance measurement.

Epic Procedures

  • Epic went live in 2015, hence the lower procedure numbers compared to CPT
  • Others: Supplies, Chemotherapy, Prosthetics, Enteral/Parenteral, Category III Codes
  • Category III codes are a set of temporary codes used to track emerging technology, services, and procedures.

Source Systems

TSI, IDX, LMR, EPSi, Epic, OnCall