Mass General Brigham Research & Analytics Platform

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The Mass General Brigham Research & Analytics Platform is a cloud-based portal that queries a database built to include all data in the Mass General Brigham Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR).

The Mass General Brigham Network was formed in 1994 by two academic medical centers - Brigham & Women's’ Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Mass General Brigham's institutions have been collecting discrete patient information since 1975. Since 1999, this data has been warehoused in the RPDR, a central clinical data registry for inpatient and outpatient encounters serving to to support clinical research. Today, The RPDR contains almost three billion records from seven million patients. These records include patient diagnoses, medications, procedures, laboratory investigations and their results.

Platform Data Summary

Available Data

Data in the Platform are refreshed (updated) approximately every month. The most recent refresh was on August 4th, 2023. Click through the links below for information on each of the healthcare data categories that can be queried in the Platform.


Mass General Brigham has collected various data types from its home-grown source systems since 1975, In 2015, Epic was introduced as the primary documentation software for electronic medical records, bringing even more data categories into the RPDR, which has grown steadily.